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    江蘇華冶環保工程有限公司、 江蘇南方機械有限公司 位于國家旅游城市、國家環保衛生城市、國家長壽之鄉——江蘇省溧陽市天目湖高新工業園建業路8-8號(寧杭高速溧陽南下一公里),系寧滬杭、沿江、揚溧高速公路,蘇錫常長三角交匯點,交通方便,經濟繁榮。

    我公司是從事煙塵治理工程、高爐噴煤工程、礦渣微粉工程、石灰窯工程設計施工總承包及其配套設備制造 生產的綜合性企業,工程遍及全國各地,深受用戶好評。我公司直接參與的項目有一百多家,其中總承包項目有五十多家,對噴煤系統、礦渣微粉系統、煤氣柜項目整體工藝布置及節能環保循環利用,在設計中總結多家院校和實踐經驗,進行合理布局設計,使用戶在投入有限的資金的基礎_上合理應用標準,達到好的效果。



    我們奉行以質量為中心,全員參與為基礎,靠穩靠的技術,創品質的產品,用科學方式走質量效益之路,依托優良信譽,一 流服務開拓廣泛市場。


    The company is situated in the national excellent tourist city, the national environmentally friendly and healthy city, the land of longevity in China----TianmuLake, Hitech Industrial Park JianyeRoad#8-8,LiyangCity,Jiangsu Province(at 1km south of Liyang section of NanJing  -Hangzhou Expressway)where is the converging point of Nan Jing -Shanghai-Hangzhou, near the river, Yangzhou-Liyang Expressway, the Yangtze River delta of Suzhou-Wuxi-Changzhou, and has a convenient traffic condition and a flourishing economy.

    Our company is mainly dedicated to the design and manufacture of dust removal system engineering, the ventilation equipment and conveying equipment. The products are well sold to the various districts in China and some of them are sold to the foreign markets. The explosi on-proof dust collector tor the blast furnace coal ejection project has obtained the national torch p rize and many national patents.Our company is directly involved in more than 100projects, including more than 50 general contracting projects, for the coal injection system, slag fine powder system, gasometerproject overall process arrangement and energy conservation and environmental protection recycling. In the design we havesummed up a number of universities and practical experience, perform the reasonable and efficient layout design, so that userscan achieve the best results on the basis of limited funds by reasonably applying the high- efficiency standards.

    The ventilation equipment, conveying equipment and dust removal system engineering made by our company has a strong market competitiveness. The products are widely used in the system  trunkey contracting projects like the blast furnace coal ejection project, steel-making electric stove, medium frequency furnace, refining furnace the hot zinc plating powder recycle etc. in the metallurgical industry. The company has a strong technical research and development capability for the main exhaust fan(with a high pressure and a holistic seat),the big inclination apron belt conveyor (00-900)with the advanced production process and the matured workmanship, they have won the trust of vast customers.

    The company has been consecutively appraised as the provincial hi-tech enterprise, the provincial and municipal private science technology enterprise for two times, it has passed IS09001:2000 quality management system accreditation and ISO14001:2004 environment management system accreditation. In the recent years, we have been carrying out the guideline and policy of establishing the Chinese environmental protection industry system of technical advancement, recycled utilization, economy and rationality. We have jointly developed the high efficient water sediment micro—powder collector together with the various universities, colleges and instiutes in China, this has favorably enhanced the RD capacity and competitiveness of enterprise.

    We abide by the principle of taking the quality as the center, the whole staff’s participation as the basis, creating the first—class products, walking the road of quality and benefit by the scientific approach and extending the broad market depended on the good reputation and the first—rate service.

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