A Community Like No Other

This past week XXIV Social had the immense privilege of being apart of an Open House held at the Innovation Cluster located in Peterborough, Ontario. If you have been following along in our journey as a start-up, then you may already know that we are very proud of the city in which we have decided to run our business. Heck, we have even incorporated a part of the city into our brand.

That's because our community is an essential part of who we, as a business are, and without the support systems that the city of Peterborough has in place for young entrepreneurs, we are certain that the success we have had thus far would not have been achievable.

In this post we don’t have any tips for finding the right social media management agency or the need-to-know information about Snapchat, although we will get back to that soon, but rather in this post what we wanted to do was talk about the amazing community that is, Peterborough.

With the endless free workshops, talks, programs, competitions, and even breakfasts’, we have been incredibly fortunate to learn so much from some extremely talented business owners, entrepreneurs, and experts. The willingness that others have to support and mentor start-up companies like, XXIV Social in our city is one that we believe to be unparalleled. 

The networking events that happen on a consistent basis are another reason why we are so fortunate to do business in Peterborough. There is always a connection to be made. When you first meet someone new, 9 times out of 10 you realize there is a mutual connection, which, 10 times out of 10, leads to someone saying "that's Peterborough for you!". 

Frankly we wouldn’t have it any other way. This community is one that is built upon supporting one another and once again we just want to express how grateful we are for that.

Thank you, thank you, thank you. Peterborough - you rock. 

MaryBeth & Melissa
Social Media Consultants/Partners