Wait, But What’s Your Handle?

Why XXIV Social doesn’t have Instagram.

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We are finally back in the groove of updating our blog once a month, and boy does it ever feel good!

This month we wanted to address something about our business that sometimes seems odd to people, and no it’s not the roman numerals we use in our name. Although we do get asked about that too. Maybe we’ll do a blog post on that in the future. For now, though, we’re going to share why XXIV Social doesn’t have an Instagram account.

At the very beginning, when we first started XXIV Social in 2016, we got a lot of advice. It was a bit overwhelming and to be honest, initially we did go down the rabbit hole of taking all of the unsolicited advice but luckily, we quickly realized that we needed to also incorporate our own advice and best practices when it came to marketing our own business, especially on social media. Since we are the experts after all!

With being the experts, we know that Instagram is an extremely visual platform. Creating an account for a business on there would mean that we would need a lot of content. As you all likely know, creating content takes a lot of time and energy, which is why we have taken it on as a full-time j o b to help out our clients. And since we always preach quality over quantity we didn’t want to be creating content just for the sake of it. We wanted to be using the platforms we chose intentionally.

We also knew who our target market was and at the time, the majority of them were not hanging out on Instagram. Those two things combined made it pretty easy for us to make the decision to focus our efforts on other platforms.

Starting a business in Peterborough, Ontario meant that Twitter was a must. Peterborough as a whole is very active on the platform and it was a great way for us to stay connected with everything happening in the community. Facebook, was where our target market was hanging out, so we went with the two out of the big five.

Over the last three years, Instagram has grown a lot. More of our target market is hanging out there and a lot of businesses are benefiting from using the platform. We love creating content for Instagram for our clients and we keep ourselves up to date with all of the latest Instagram trends and updates. But we still don’t feel the need to create an account for our business on that platform. And that’s OK.

We haven’t ruled Instagram out for XXIV Social entirely. Something may change where we decide its time and we make the move but for now, when someone wants to tag us in something on Instagram, they can use my personal handle @melissa.alyse. There I share behind the scenes content of XXIV Social life via my stories and I’ve been known to share a few posts about work too. I fully take advantage of the link in my bio and the people who follow me know that XXIV Social is a part of who I am and what I do, on a personal level. And that works for us!

If you’re reading this because you’ve been curious I hope that helps to answer your questions. And if you’re reading this because you’ve struggled with the idea of social media marketing and are wondering if you’re doing the right things, I would like to encourage you to really think about what works for you. By doing what works for you and what is authentic to you and your brand you will attract the right people to your business.

If you’re really stuck, reach out to us. We’ve done it ourselves and have the experience and knowledge to back up why we have made the choices we’ve made when it comes to the platforms we choose to share on and we would be honoured to help you sort out a strategy behind your social media marketing.