Social Responsibility for XXIV Social

It’s time for me to get something off my chest. 

Back in April, I was struggling. I had lost a family member, I was unhappy with how things were going for XXIV Social and I was overworking myself which lead to extreme burnout. 

Thankfully I have recovered from that, but around the same time, I was seeing so many people showing up on social media and shouting from the rooftops that these apps that we spend so much time on were making them feel depressed, anxious and unhappy with their own lives. 

This led me to wonder, was XXIV Social a part of the problem? Were we contributing to people’s anxiousness and unhappy thoughts? Were we perpetuating this idea that life is perfect, nothing to see here but sunshine and rainbows? I was spiraling because you see, we create A LOT of content. It’s what we do as a social media management agency. Then we create strategies to roll out the content and make sure that it’s being seen by the right audience. Our mission was/is helping businesses grow awareness for their brand and ideally increase their bottom line. 

But what I was hearing on social media (ironically) was that people were feeling like they needed to get off of these apps, they needed less screen time. So basically I was like, shit

I felt like because I supported social media and what it can do for small businesses that I was in the wrong. And in all honesty, I had felt anxious feelings too after an early morning scroll through Instagram. I was not immune to the fact that sometimes social media and curated feeds make other people’s lives look perfect. BUT I knew and still know that that’s also a part of the beauty of it. 

Curated feeds are a creative outlet for people! They allow the user to share what makes them happy, inspired and so on. And while yes, we do need to work on educating people more about Instagram vs. real life there is still so. much. good. that social media can do. 

So I took the time to rediscover social media and why I fell in love with it in the first place. 

Just last week I discovered Greta Thunberg, a 16-year-old climate and environmental activist who is using social media to spread an extremely important message. She has 5.1 million followers. Greta has a huge platform and she will make real change happen.

I also started connecting more with people again. I made time to meet in person so that I could foster relationships with others even though we only originally knew each other through social media. 

Which reminded me that while I do have a social responsibility to the society in which we operate, it’s also the responsibility of the individual user to set limits, be more conscientious of who they follow and what they are putting out for the world to see. 

So part of our mission now is to educate and encourage positive social media interactions and engagements. Here at XXIV Social, we will be adding a whole new stream of content to our channels that will be educational, inspiring and encouraging and way beyond anything we have done before in that realm. And now we feel way more in control. Things feel more like shiiiiiiit than shit

There will be tips and tricks on how to make social media a better place and things you can do to limit your screen time. We’re going to be sharing it all because we want you to feel safe, inspired, and valued when you go on social media. 

And that is our pledge to all of you. 

I can’t wait to start sharing what we’ve been working on and I hope that this content that we are sharing with you helps you. And if it does the opposite of that, please do not hesitate to click the unfollow button. We will understand.  

- Mel