XXIV Social Update

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Well, it has been a hot minute since we’ve written a blog post.

The usual excuses can be applied - we got busy, other things came up, priorities shifted.

While it’s not great that we haven’t blogged in a while, it does mean that we have some really exciting things to catch you up on.

After we do that, then we’ll get back to creating helpful and informative blog posts for you all to peruse at your leisure. In the meantime, you can check out some of our older posts here.

The first bit of news we would like to share is that XXIV Social has been nominated for a Peterborough Chamber of Commerce Excellence Award!! *cue screams of excitement*

We won’t even know until later in the summer if we move on to become a finalist but the fact that we got nominated by someone in the community was an incredible feeling. Whoever it was knew about some of the charity work we had been doing and some of the major projects we had worked on. And I even checked, the nomination was not from my mom! So whoever you are, thank you SO much for nominating us. We are so grateful.

The other exciting news is that last month we spoke at a sold-out workshop on social media marketing. We had done workshops before with bigger groups but this was the biggest group to date. Plus did I mention it was sold out? I was nervous at the start but as soon as I got into the presentation I started nerding out about social media marketing and I got into a good groove. Definitely starting to feel like public speaking isn’t so scary after all. We got a lot of positive feedback on the workshop so we will be looking at creating more opportunities for those. Until then, if you’d like to book XXIV Social for a private workshop you can get in touch with us here or book a consultation with us here.

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We officially welcomed a recent Trent Grad to the team. Cassandra is the Editorial and Administrative Assistant for XXIV Social and she approved this blog! 😆

Plus we ran a giveaway to show our appreciation for everyone who has been supporting us. If you haven’t already “liked” our Facebook page you should. There will be more giveaways to come!

Last but definitely not least, we just wanted to take a moment and brag about some of the exciting things that our clients have been up to. Because these past few months have been amazing! Our clients are totally killing it.

We are so happy for a past client, Sam who launched a whole new side to her business not too long ago. If you haven’t checked her site out yet, you need to!

Candice, who is one of our current clients has also been doing truly amazing things. Especially when it comes to mental health and wellness. She just launched some new services for people in the Barrie area and the video produced to launch these services gives me chills. It’s just incredible.

And Tara, who has been working hard and giving back to the community all at the same time! She makes juggling work, family time, and community involvement look easy. We’re so excited to catch up with her at an upcoming fundraiser for the Peterborough Hospital!

Overall, all of our clients are amazing and these are just a few! We are excited for a new season ahead, weather-wise (because of sunshine) but in business too. We’re committed to seeing growth not only for ourselves but for our clients too. We are so lucky to get to do what we love and help other businesses reach their goals!